How To Increase Adsense Money

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Now a days people are looking for some new method of increasing their Adsense money. Many software are available now. With those software you can increase your Adsense monthly income.

these are called Adsense product. But there are some rules while using them. Many people wants to earn alot of $ per day but it is not so easy. If you do not follow the rules your account will b banned by google immidiately.

I suggust 1 good software for this. Adense Autoclick Software. you can download it from any website free of cost. and remember must read the rules first then use it. Good luck

How to Prove Google Adsense in Pakistan

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Now a days in Pakistan it is a big problem for the people to get a new adsense account for their blog.
as Google has decide to give account to only purchased domains. People are worried now because every one dosent have their own domain.

But i got a new method for the good Pakistni people to Prove their account and start online work with Google Adsene in good way.

If you people have some relatives are some one whom you know living in USA, Canada, Austrilia, OR England. You can use his/her Addres while filling Adsense form in this way i am sure that you will be able to get a Adsense Account.

Why Adsense Is Not Giving Account to Blogger In Pakistan

In past some months Google Adsense has banned many accounts in Pakistan and not giving any more accounts to Pakistani blog users. Its because of most of the people had more than 1 account and they used illeagel method of earn money. They exchanged links with other users. Google adsense is veru clever and they all these stuff so they banned al those accounts.

Now in Pakistan those people can have new adsense account who purchased their own domain and who fullfills all the terms of Google Adsense.